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Nottingham Roundabout members are all types of people, from all backgrounds and careers, and with all interests. They are discerning people who would like more friends and a change in lifes direction.
They are in their 50s through 60s, with the greatest concentration being in their 60s.  With a good-sized turnout at each activity, gravitating towards others of similar age range is easy. Our members are diverse and each in their own way contributes to the success of our club
How old are the Members Is it just for Singles
Yes,  Or with a friend, whichever you prefer. A specific host is present at each Club Night just to meet and greet visitors and make them  feel comfortable and at ease. There's a real sense of community that comes from belonging to Roundabout
Can I attend club night alone
Because of the varied number of activities we offer, we accommodate even the most demanding of schedules. That means when you become a member, you can still attend events even if you cannot attend the Club Night on a Wednesday.
What if my Diary is Unpredictable
Nottingham Roundabout is for single, separated, divorced, and widowed people, who would like more friends and a little culture in their lives, although there are married couple members having met whilst members of the club 
What are our Members Like